Our Mission:

Deed & Truth is a Christian non-profit organization that exists to express the love of Jesus through Deed & Truth.


Our Strategy:

We partner with existing organizations to

compliment their valiant efforts by help- ing to expand existing programs and create new ways to fill important gaps where God reveals relational, material, and spiritual needs, for those who need it most.  


Our Founder/Leader:

After serving in Pastoral ministry in the local church for twenty-five years, God has called Dan and Betty Anderson into full-time compassion ministry. Pastor Dan is currently serving as the Staff Pastor to 175 employees at the Union Rescue Mission in Skid Row in Los Angeles, CA where he also serves as the Director of Strategic Partnerships.   





















                  DAN & BETTY ANDERSON


JIM BURNS, PhD / President, HomeWord

Author of Confident Parenting and Creating an Intimate Marriage

Dan Anderson is one of my heroes. He and Betty have served God so very faithfully in the Church for many, many years. Now they are venturing out with a new ministry with life changing value. God calls certain leaders for a certain time to step out in faith and obediently do great things for His Kingdom. I believe God will use Dan’s passion to serve the less fortunate in ways even he and Betty can’t yet imagine. The authenticity and likability factor is contagious. In this ministry they will reach people and churches who in turn will change the trajectory of families for generations.


Author, Speaker, Educator

Dan has been a friend of mine for a number of years. I have always loved his passion for the church and for the lost. I am thrilled to see his transition to work on Skid Row with those who really need both the truth of Jesus and the personal love of His people. I really believe God has raised up Dan to help take this unique ministry to new levels for the greater good of the kingdom. I can't wait to hear the stories of how God uses Deed and Truth in partnership with the Union Rescue Mission!

KENNY LUCK / Every Man Ministries

Author, Speaker, Pastor

As a church committed to reaching the "least of these" we rely on strategic partners who have the knowledge, the expertise and dynamic opportunities for our people.  Thankfully we have found that in Dan Anderson and Union Rescue Mission LA.  He has the rails already built for us to run on which means we can focus more energy on creating fully formed followers of Jesus and ministry and less energy on the logistics.  We are exploring new ways to mobilize our members, especially our men, with URM as a part of our discipleship process.