Walking into the court yard at the mission I saw a new face. I approached him to make introductions. His name is Ray. I was bold and asked, “what significance does the 9-1-94 tattoo on your arm have?” Ray's explanation will inspire you. Ray was a drug addict turned dealer. He was a gang member. He eventually was given a life sentence under the three strikes rule. He had given up on life and himself. It was on September 1, 1994 that Ray was informed that the judge had granted him his release for unexplainable reasons. It was his miracle. His freedom. His wake up call that God cared. But Ray was still the same old Ray and he went back to his old ways hanging out with his old friends


We have men on the 5th floor at the mission who are elderly and/or disabled with no family to go to and no way to earn a living. They are residents. In return they volunteer at the mission as our “Ambassadors”. However, their living space looked more like a prison institution rather than a home. I made a phone call to a friend who has a knack and an interest in interior decorating. She got involved and enabled Deed and Truth to transform their living space. Where they once isolated in their rooms, they are now enjoying community with one another and building healthy relationships. This is Sylvia’s story in her own words… “Beauty will save the world” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky In the midst of suff


Many times we pray and petition God for things that never seem to be answered. Sometimes, if we are honest, we may get to wondering if our prayers make much of a difference. Today we have a very clear and practical example of answered prayer and it didn’t take long… Two weeks ago, in our weekly blog, I introduced you to Inga and asked you to pray for her son Jeffrey and for her to find a home and out of the mission. I saw Inga this week and, as usual, her face lit up. She informed me that she was leaving the mission to go home to live with her son Jeffrey and her grandchildren. I am so thankful for your prayers. Sometimes I wonder why God doesn’t provide permanent shelter sooner. We’ll nev

Unexpected Returns

You can't give love away to the needy without receiving a return from God. The Bible talks about this idea that caring for the poor is like lending to God and he will greatly reward those who do so. The return may come in unexpected ways. Check out this story of a man who got actively involved and how it came back to benefit his own son. From Matt: "First time I met Donald was at the Ironman conference at the mission. Jerry Jenkins was Donald’s mentor. I learned the mentor mentee relationship from watching Donald and Jerry. Since just before Jerry went to be with the Lord, I became involved in a discipleship with Donald. I try to text scripture to Donald every day. Donald says that I am h

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