I love the game of baseball for many reasons but maybe the most profound is because the objective of the game is such a parallel truth to live… to make progress on your way to getting home. Myra Hooper has been on quite a journey. This past week she heard Jesus say, “welcome home”. Myra passed from this life into eternity but not before lining up a wonderful friend to raise the love of her life, her daughter Nevaeh. Betty and I were so grateful we could take them both on a special trip to Universal last month for Neveah’s tenth birthday. Myra has been spending the last year just enjoying their relationship and trying to create memories for Nevaeh as she knew she’d have to be leaving her d


We are coming up on the one-year mark of our dear friend, Jerry Jenkins, passing. Jerry did so much to help the men at the mission and advance the mentoring ministry. Please take the time to read these thoughts from his wife and best friend, Viviana. One year into this journey of grief, I have read a lot about how to deal with it, stages of grief, etc., and of the things people experiencing grief talk about, is the grieving over the plans for the future they had made with their loved ones. Jerry and I made many plans for our future together, and we also talked about the vision he had for the Ironman ministry. He wanted the ministry to expand by involving other churches, because he recogniz


Mike Weber graduated the one year Christian Life Discipleship Program and is now working with me as an Apprentice for the URM. Mike is a hard worker and gets things done. I am discipling him in spiritual leadership and he’s growing in Christ rapidly. Mike also has cancer and needs to visit his doctors every week. His treatment, medication and condition combine for a number of uncomfortable side effects. It’s been very difficult getting around. He has been getting along by using the public transit and Access transportation. This week Deed and Truth was able to donate a 2005 Toyota Camry to Mike. He got his Driver’s License Tuesday and now he has the freedom to get to the doctors office as wel

Holidays: Family Time or Lonely Time?

The 4th of July is traditionally a time for family to gather and enjoy each other’s company. But that’s only reality for the traditional family that still functions. Not many of the people on skid row or in the mission have functional family relationships to enjoy during the holidays. Instead, holidays are sad times that highlight their loneliness. This year Deed and Truth did something about that issue. One of the objectives Deed and Truth has been working on has been to develop community life and family connections for the disenfranchised and forgotten people at the mission. Holidays can be filled with sadness due to a lack of family connectedness. This year we held a praise service wit

What’s on Your Bucket List?

Many of you have read about our friend Myra, a graduate of Hope Gardens, who has been dealing with cancer. Here is an update on her condition and her bucket list. Myra’s doctor has informed her that the cancer has returned with a vengeance and has spread throughout her body. There is nothing they can do. They sent her home from the hospital to set up hospice care in her home. Myra is depressed but solid in her faith. She knows she will soon die. She was told this a year ago but the treatments and prayer prolonged her life. Now it appears her time is at hand. Myra has a good friend who will be taking and raising her daughter Nevaeh. She has one thing on her bucket list… to see her daughter sm

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