Giving Back

From birth to eight years old, Phillip was passed around from one Foster home to another. At eight he was a run-away living on the streets of the projects in Los Angeles. He has spent 28 years behind prison bars as an adult. The combination of trauma and never attending school, Phillip has learning disabilities. However, as a resident at the mission he has set a personal record of being clean and sober for five years. During this time Phil has been growing in his educational and behavioral development. He attends every bible study offered. He has an enthusiastic mental attitude. The one area he was stalling in was… giving back. He was used to being needy and concerned about his next meal an

Contentment Has Nothing To Do With Stuff

Paul writes in Philippians that he learned to be content whether he had little or much. What’s the secret? These two sisters experiencing homelessness can answer that question. They can teach us all a thing or two about joy and contentment. Meet Stephanie and Michelle. They are sisters who have lived together their entire lives. Now they are living in the rescue unit of the mission on skid row. Everything they have accumulated in life fits in a trash bag. Michelle has a giant tumor that is inoperable. Stephanie is committed to being her caregiver. Although they possess very little stuff they have a stockpile of joy. They have learned the secret of contentment. They are survivors and they kn


Who are the homeless? We all have preconceived opinions and we can make judgments based on those presuppositions. However, when you hear back-stories like this one it may change your opinion and expand your heart. Tina is 67. She has been at the Union Rescue Mission sleeping on a cot for a month. This is an entirely new experience for her. It wasn’t long ago that Tina was a regular donor to the mission… now she’s a guest needing its services. A while back, Tina began to have some medical issues and needed to retire. The money that had been saved up eventually evaporated. She has no children, no siblings, and her parents are deceased. She had nowhere to turn but to the organization that she u


Refreshment on a hot summer day can come in many forms but I can’t think of a healthier option that this… We feel refreshed when we refresh others. Serving others is the healthiest way to feel good about yourself and doing it in the name of Jesus can make an impact for eternity. The Compton Initiative is a citywide and beyond effort by churches to bless the city in the name of Jesus. The city of Compton is best known for it’s violence. The churches involved would like to change all that. Over 1500 people showed up from 30 churches to paint an elementary school and homes of senior citizens. I brought 17 men and 1 woman from the rescue mission to serve. It began with a rally at Compton Ci

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