Deed and Truth’s private showing of the movie, “The Same Kind of Different As Me”, was a unique experience to be stirred and inspired by the moving story of Ron Hall and Denver Moore. We rented the largest of Regal’s 20 theatres in Aliso Viejo and every seat ticket was sold. As we stood in amazement thanking the Lord for a FULL HOUSE, we snapped this picture! 405 partners, patrons, family, and friends of Deed and Truth, and friends of friends, showed up to watch this movie about a wealthy couple living in Fort Worth, TX, who decided to volunteer at the local gospel rescue mission and the man experiencing homelessness whom they encountered. Their journey highlighted the things we talked about

The Essentials

It’s as though they’d never heard this before. Their eyes are locked on me and their bodies are leaning in. It’s as though they think the closer they get to my words the sooner it will enter their ears. I just described the second week of the class I teach at Hope Gardens to the single mothers with children. It is located on a 77-acre property in the foothills of Sylmar. I have just recently become the Interim Program Director at Hope Gardens to go along with my current responsibilities at the Union Rescue Mission. This is a 10-week class I teach on Christian Basics called “The Essentials”. Week one we got to know each other. These are women who were experiencing homeless with their childre


God can do more than you can even imagine because his power is so much greater than our imaginations. He loves unity in diversity and He did just that again at Iron Man 6. The conference kicked off Friday night with an Ice Cream Bar on Steroids, a powerful message from the URM Vice-President, and some great music. However, what really seemed to hit home was a testimony from a man named James who graduated from the Union Rescue Mission 27 years ago! Today he is happily married, gainfully employed as an executive at an Aerospace company, owns two homes, an active member at his local church, and free from the chains of alcohol and drugs for the past 28 years! James represents what God can do


There are 58,000 people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles and that number has risen 23% in one year’s time. There are another 500,000 High Risk Renters, which is defined by the metric of having to pay 50% or more of a household income towards rent, making them highly susceptible to becoming homeless. This is a growing epidemic with no relief in sight. The Union Rescue Mission is leading the fight to provide shelter and keep people off the street but the demand has created an overcrowded situation. Please pray for us as we try to stand in the gap, embracing these vulnerable people with the compassion of Jesus. Please read more to understand the scope of this problem. Here is a link to

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