The Year In Ministry

This has been an unbelievable of ministry. We've been able to support many great c 2017 has been "one for the books" as they say and we are looking forward to all that God has in store for 2018. Take a look at this "snapshot" of 2017 and, together, let's give God the glory for all that He has done! Thank you for your constant prayers and financial support. –Pastor Dan

An Early Christmas Present

God uses adversity and difficulty to build our faith and draw us to himself. In the moment it can be difficult comprehending it because we can’t “feel” it… it must be “believed”. However, after the fact we can begin to “see” how the good is birthed out of the “bad”. Here’s a touching story how God melted a heart through the recent fire @ Hope Gardens. Doina is from Romania. She is a senior resident living at Hope Gardens. Her demeanor is rather “European” and can come off rather aloof. Doina tends to filter things through a negative filter. A few months ago she was not too happy with a message I gave about “Gratefulness”. But something significant has happened recently. The fire at Hop

The Wonder of Christmas

2017 has been a difficult year for many. But, it has also been a wonderful year. We have seen God do so many miracles in the lives of the men and women at the mission. Thank you for sharing in the journey with us. Thank you for your financial and prayer support. God has blessed Deed & Truth mightily by allowing us to have the best supporters and friends ever. Please enjoy this personalized Christmas card and may it enhance your wonder of Christmas. Merry Christmas from Dan & Betty (Audio By: –Pastor Dan

From Here to There and Back

Getting from here to there may sound simple if you have wheels but have you ever thought about how difficult that can be for those who are experiencing homelessness? Deed & Truth is making a difference in the area of transportation at both the Union Rescue Mission and Hope Gardens Family Center. Most people experiencing homelessness must utilize the public transportation systems. Trying to get to work, for instance, may require walking to a bus stop then taking a bus to catch another bus that goes to your place of employment. This might take three times as long and requires a person to spend a lot more time getting from here to there and back. This might require waking up much earlier and


Our CEO got on site at HG today with the representatives from the fire department and the logistics captain of the LAFD said, “this must be the hand of God.” When the families evacuated at 4:15 am on Tuesday morning guests our residents were saying they couldn’t see 5 feet in front of them through the smoke and they visually saw the flames around the street and approaching the property. The entire perimeter on three sides of Hope Gardens Family Center were burned to within 10 yards of our buildings. But today when we entered the property for the first time all buildings are in tact... nothing was burned but a bridge. “This must be the hand of God”... did our collective prayers move God to


– – – – – STATUS AS OF: December 6, 2017 – 9:00 PM – – – – – PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for God’s Hand of Protection on Hope Gardens! We’re not “out of the woods” yet! We received word just a few hours ago that the winds have again shifted back in the direction of the Hope Garden’s facility. Please pray for God’s mighty hand of protection to calm the winds and protect Hope Gardens…a Haven of Hope for these 250+ women, children and seniors. Earlier today, all indications were that the HG buildings were still standing. Precluding any additional fire damage, the assumption is that there's serious smoke damage and possible water damage if the ceiling sprinklers ignited. It could be 3 weeks before residen

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