Sacrificial Living = Transformed Lives

When viewed together, we see that Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday teach us that Sacrificial Living produces Transformed Lives. Meet some men who follow Christ’s example. We call the Mission Alumni the Band of Brothers. I started the Band shortly after arriving here two years ago to address the need of our graduates to remain in community to encourage and support one another. Deed and Truth is the sole financial contributor. Each month we have one or two events to provide either fellowship, personal development, or community service. This month we took the Band to a large Men’s Conference where the keynote speaker was Lakers Legend, Magic Johnson. To prepare for Easter weekend we w

The Calm in the Middle of the Storm

What’s it feel like... to be mandatorily evacuated from your temporary residence for the third time in six months? What’s it feel like... to be a mother of young children who has experienced homelessness, found a haven of safety at Hope Gardens, then are told you need to evacuate with two bags and relocate to skid row and sleep on a gym floor? There are people all around you... The lights don’t go out... the kids don’t want to sit still... the air has a stale stench, there’s a sound of continuous noise in your ears... What’s it feel like to be evacuated from your temporary shelter? Well it feels a whole lot better when there is an air mattress between you and the floor. Let’s start there! Th

Urgent Prayer - Mudslide Prevention Evacuation

We need your prayers and support! We were just instructed to evacuate the Hope Gardens facility to avoid threat and fatalities from a mudslide. For now, we will move everyone to the gym at URM on Skid Row. We would like to purchase 250 air mattresses for the majority of the families we've relocated. However, we would like to provide food and hotel accommodations to our senior ladies. We need 250 air mattresses. Each one is $8. We're praising God that we could everyone out before any harm came to them. However, would you be praying that the facility will go untouched as well? If you are able to help financially, please CLICK HERE. Thank you for your partnership! –Pastor Dan

Higher Education

USC is known for it’s academic excellence in higher education. This week read about a couple of URM homeless men who schooled the USC students and professors on their own campus! A church in Detroit has planted a church on the campus of USC to reach the University community for Christ. They actually meet in one of the campus halls. I have been developing a relationship with the pastor as they have been holding ongoing clothing drives throughout the school year. Their goal is to provide 200 bags of clothes for those experiencing homelessness on skid row. We were given a unique opportunity this month to hold a special meeting to talk about homelessness. I shared for a brief while then hande

Coming Alongside

The staff at Hope Gardens are dedicated workers who work in a high-intensity, high-stress environment. They need a place to get away during the work day for breaks, lunch, and comfortable meeting space. Check out what Deed and Truth has done to meet these very important needs for the staff. Deed and Truth stepped up to renovate a dilapidated space to create a space to serve as a lunchroom, break area, and meeting space. This is now providing an environment for relaxation, fellowship, more effective meetings, and a morale boost for well-deserving servants to our families in crisis transition. Thank you for your financial support that made this project possible. In the coming weeks we wi

Updates on the Upgrade

The goal was to do eight Upgrade Projects to the facility at Hope Gardens during the first quarter of 2018. We are well on our way to accomplish this $100,000 set of projects. Once the playground was opened our next priority was to Upgrade the Cafeteria and Administration Building where all our guests and visitors congregate regularly. We are excited to show you the before and after pictures. Keep scrolling to see all of the pictures. "Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over. It became a butterfly." Thank you for your support of Deed and Truth that has enabled us to do these Upgrades to create a better environment for life transformation to take place. –Pastor Dan

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