Last week we told you about an exciting new ministry called “The Essentials” class that we are now making mandatory for all URM employees. This week we have expanded it to every new “Seed” in the Men’s Recovery Program. We have begun to teach “The Essentials” (of Christianity Worldview) to every new guy who enters the Christian Life Discipleship Program. We are already teaching this to all the women in the program at Hope Gardens. We now have expanded the ministry to influence the entire staff as well as both the women and men’s programs. The Essentials consists of lessons from the old and new testaments beginning in Genesis. Lessons include: God’s Original Design for Living (How it’s suppo

Thinking Biblically!

One of our highest values is to promote a biblical worldview and have a significant Spiritual Influence on the mission culture. We are excited to tell you about a new ministry we are starting to accomplish this more effectively. I have been teaching a basis Christianity class for the past two years at Hope Gardens to the women in the recovery program. It has been well received and highly successful introducing the women to Jesus and to a biblical worldview. I have received permission to make it a requirement for every employee at the mission. This is a six-hour course. There are five outcomes we want to see: That every employee hears and understands the gospel. I am praying for the evangelis


One critical need for a person to break the chains of poverty is to find employment. See what Deed and Truth is doing to help facilitate getting people to work! The Union Rescue Mission has an employment department as part of our wholistic approach to overcoming homelessness. They help connect people with companies looking to hire and a lot of the practical steps along the way to employment. However, there is one very important link those experiencing homelessness need in order to Get to Work… Transportation! Deed and Truth wants to assist those unemployed who are seeking work. They need bus transportation to and from job interviews. Therefore we are providing the Employment Department with

Holiday with Family

Holidays are times for families to gather... but what if you’re homeless and disconnected from your family? That’s what Deed and Truth stepped into this week. The 4th of July is perfect for families to hold barbecues, picnics, and to take in a fireworks show. But when you live at the mission those are not options you have so Deed and Truth jumped in to create a Freedom Day Safe and Sober Celebration on the roof. In our commitment to create family community for those experiencing homelessness we hosted an event for the entire building. We had party hats, hot dog on the grill, and ice cream served with a smile. Once the sun went down the firework displays could be seen for miles. There must ha


“Iron Sharpens iron as one man sharpens another.” This proverb highlights the importance of male relationships in the developmental process of men. Kenneth grew up in a dysfunctional home with an abusive father… until he shot and killed him at age 13. Ken had witnessed his father beat his mother on a regular basis growing up. Many times he tried to intervene only to be beaten up himself. One day, at age 13 he had seen enough. While his father was beating up his mother he went and got his dad’s handgun and waited for him to come out of the room. When he did he took his life. Thinking his mother would have been grateful he had saved her life, imagine his confusion and disappointment to see his

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