What happens when someone dies on Skid Row? This is a question the Skid Row Clergy Council began to ask. We aren’t really sure of the answer but it appears in most cases… Nothing! Many times there are no relatives to hold a memorial service and give them a proper burial. Every person is made in the image of God and is loved by God regardless their status in life or their choices in life. We have begun to hold prayer vigils or memorial services for everyone who dies on skid row. We rally the pastors in the area and go to the place on the street that was called “home” for the deceased and invite anybody from the street who may have known them. We are also joined by Skid Row Police Officer Deon

Happily Ever After

It's amazing to see the life change that happens to the men and women who journey through the programs here at the URM. But what really elevates the journey is when individuals are paired with mentors. There is a special relationship that is formed by God that goes far beyond a program. One such relationship experienced a culmination of sorts recently. A man by the name of Mike has been mentoring a guy named Ruben for quite a while now. Mike has walked with Ruben through many seasons since their relationship began and was recently able to celebrate with Ruben as he married his longtime girlfriend, Christina. Christina had some struggles of her own and did a similar program elsewhere - that's


Larry is a friend that I met on the streets who panhandles to pay his $65 monthly rent at the Rosslyn Hotel. He, and his dog rebel, can be found every afternoon on Spring Street rattling his cup and holding his US Vet sign. In past blogs I’ve shared a little about Larry’s story. He now attends New City Church on a weekly basis. I shared at the church last month and sat with him, Larry (and Rebel), in the front row. Two weeks ago I picked him up a fan for his room given he had no AC in the building. This week he informed me that his mother passed away unexpectedly two days before his birthday. Larry got behind on his rent last month and had to pay a late-charge so being short on cash he sold

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