At year end it’s good to look back to see where God has taken us. In so doing, Betty and I are truly amazed at His Grace and Your Generosity. Check out a list of the many, many things God enabled us to accomplish in our service to the least of the “least of these.” To God be the Glory for the Great Things He has done through our Deed and Truth partnership in the gospel. THANK YOU for your consistent prayers, volunteering your time, and giving generously to support the ministry. TRANSPORTATION: New Seats on the Shuttle Installed Seat Belts on the Bus EMERGENCY EVACUATION: Seniors Hotel/Meals Emergency Mattresses URM BEAUTIFICATION PROJECTS: 2nd/3rd/4th Floor Lobbies 5th Floor Women’s Emergenc

A Big Surprise

At this time of the year we enjoy the value of surprises. Children (and adults) anticipate the surprises they may find under the Christmas tree. But those will pail in comparison to this surprise. "My name is Seth, born in Ghana on the West Coast of Africa I never really had a family. My father was a tribal chief so when I was born out of wedlock to a woman of another country I was not allowed to live with my mother. I wasn’t accepted from my father’s side either. Shuffled around from auntie to auntie growing up I felt no love and no family bond. I left home at 28 years of age. I took off from the port of Rotterdam as a qualified seaman in the year 1978. I was a Helmsman, navigating (driving

A Christmas Prayer

Tresa’s journey into homeless began over four years ago. She was a struggling single Mom of 3 children who had lost her job, lost her home and then lost herself as she reflects back on her unraveling life. Her son being almost 18 at the time, told his Mom, he wanted to move in with his girlfriend. Tresa was crushed, but knew she wouldn’t be able to stop him. The hard part of being homeless with a 17 year old son is that shelters can’t help because accordingly to state law they aren’t allowed to accept adult children. Tresa’s son would be 18 by the time her name came up for placement in a shelter. Tresa shared, “My son saw my tears and it broke his heart to see me cry, so he thought he was do

Don't Give Up On Me!

In life, when we hit a rough patch, many of us have thrown in the towel because we either feel unworthy or others have given up on us. But I’ve been learning that God has not given up on me. I have seen this truth played out throughout my life journey with the LORD and how he has brought me back to the path that He has already laid out for me to walk in faith. A year ago, last November I completed the Christian Life Discipleship Program at the Union Rescue Mission. I continued at the mission as an Apprentice through the discipleship of Pastor Dan Anderson and the support of Chaplain Mike McIntire, as well as receiving relational support from my mentor, and friend, Mike Morris from Pacific

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