Renewing and Refreshing

Recovery is about Renewing and when we get renewed on the inside it’s like a fresh coat of paint for the outside. Deed and Truth helped the men in the recovery program see this truth played out in a real life illustration. We took 32 men from the mission straight into Compton to serve in the Compton Initiative to beautify the Jefferson Elementary School campus. As the buildings got a renovation it illustrated what’s going on in the lives of these men themselves. Each time they applied that brush or roller they were seeing what God is doing on them on the inside giving them a fresh start to beautify their lives. They walked away recharged and refreshed for having lost themselves in the se


*Article content sourced from the Compton Initiative Website* The City of Compton has long been known for Violence and Gang Activity. However, Deed and Truth, along with almost 2000 people from churches far and wide are doing something to change that reputation. In 2005, Compton reached its highest murder rate in ten years and ranked among the most dangerous cities in the United States for its thirtieth year. The city epitomized a failed society and was known around the world for its images of gang violence, social disorder and urban blight. The Compton Initiative, a non-profit organization, was founded in 2006 with a 40-year commitment to restore the City of Compton by painting homes, schoo

Giving Back

Gratitude in our hearts should translate into Sacrifice in our Actions! Here’s an inspiring story of a man who was homeless and is now helping those experiencing homelessness in the most humbling of ways. Charles found himself homeless and on the streets. He came to the Union Rescue Mission and has radically been changed by Christ. He graduated the Christian Life Discipleship Program and then served a second year as an Apprentice. He proved to be such a diligent worker he was hired on as an employee. Recently Charles retired and lives at the mission in our Ambassador wing. He’s not up to working 40 hours a week in a grueling job but he now volunteers 20 hours a week doing doing a job that mo

Battle Training

Ministry on Skid Row is a Spiritual Battle. Those who serve God are front line soldiers. At the Union Rescue Mission we have a top tier team of Chaplains working with the men in the Christian Life Discipleship Program. They are highly qualified and well educated. They are dedicated to the Lord, to the community of believers, and they love the men whom God has entrusted to their care. This month Deed and Truth is investing in their on-going training to better equip them in their Kingdom Ministry as they serve to tear down Satan’s strongholds. Deed and Truth is providing a very special opportunity to send four of our chaplains to attend the "Genesis Process" Training January 21-25 in Nevada. T

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