Check out these three BIG reasons we are celebrating at Hope Gardens. Big Reason #1: We got to celebrate with a dozen women who graduated from the Discipleship Program this month. These special ladies are learning to become godly mothers and for some this is the first time they have ever graduated from anything and for others it’s the first time they have completed an important goal. Deed and Truth helped them celebrate by giving each graduate a beautiful women’s study Bible. Big Reason #2: At the graduation ceremony we had the very first performance of the new Hope Gardens Chorus. We are partnering with a local church worship leader to train our women to use their voices in song... and they


What one word best describes the atmosphere surrounding skid row? When I first came to skid row to work in this ministry to serve those experiencing homelessness a wise man described it as “a swirling vortex of chaos.” In one word… Chaos! To quote an iconic author of American literature… “oh the noise, noise, noise, noise.” (for those who aren’t quite as well read that would be… Dr. Seuss:). The ultimate wordsmith, Merriam Webster, defines Chaos as… complete disorder and confusion. What’s the antidote for this constant disarray of distraction? Order, organization of thought and planned activity, reflection, thoughtfulness, mindfulness. What is needed to make this a reality? A respite from al

Giving and Going Back

It’s one thing to be grateful for how God has brought you out of a bad situation and into a better situation. It’s another thing to go back to where you came from and give back to those who need what God has done for you. For the last ten years there has been a coalition of eight inter-faith churches in the San Gabriel Valley who have found a way to get past doctrinal differences to work together to provide a winter shelter for those experiencing homelessness. For eight weeks these eight churches all take turns hosting 150-200 people experiencing homelessness in their neighborhoods for one week at a time. Then volunteers from all eight churches serve meals and provide clothes and conversa

Respect Life

The streets of Skid Row are dangerous. Life is not always respected. We want them to know that every life is worth respecting. This week we wanted to set that example so we rallied some of the men in the recovery program to meet with another pastor and our local police representative at the corner of 6th & San Julian just two blocks from the mission to pay our respects for a lost soul. That is the site of the fatal stabbing of a young man who was living on the street. We gathered for the purpose of holding a Memorial Service for him. Like so many who live on the streets of Skid Row, he was disconnected from his family. Police could not inform his family because they don’t know who or wher

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