Ray Davenport spent a good deal of his adult life running away from the Lord but thanks to the Union Rescue Mission and his church community he came home. Not too long ago Ray was living on the street in the hood of Compton hanging with the gang and strung out on drugs and alcohol. He told me about the day his life turned around. He was with his gang and drug friends when they saw a caravan of cars coming their way and pulling over. Soon a bunch of guys got out of their cars and headed straight over to them. As they got closer he recognized their leader. It was his brother, who was also the pastor of the church he used to attend. The men with him were the deacons and other leaders of the chu

Beautiful Spaces

They say Beautiful Things can happen in Beautiful Spaces. This week Deed and Truth has transformed an important place into a beautiful space. When someone is struggling with emotional pain they often self-medicate. We all must find ways to cope with our negative feelings. When we are hurting the most natural thing to do is to pull away from other people and isolate ourselves. It’s in isolation that this pain has germinated and grown. It’s in community that these things are healed. Relationships are at the root of the problem and the solution. In an effort to promote healthy community in an unhealthy neighborhood Deed and Truth has recreated the space in the Program Dayroom. It’s our desir

Transformation Project

We are all about internal transformation but on the way there it helps to show what that looks like externally. This Saturday Deed and Truth along with 50 incredible volunteers from a church in Eagle Rock put in 400+ hours of manual labor working to transform the URM men’s program space. We are in process of transforming the dayroom, barber shop, laundry room, ironing room, and creating a private movie viewing room. We are well on our way. Next week we will show you the before and after photos! Thanks for your support of this ministry so we can create spaces for real community to take place.

Walk the Talk

Sometimes words aren’t enough… Do we Walk our Talk? Here’s a chance to Walk it… The Union Rescue Mission 2nd Annual 5k Walk to fight homelessness is coming up Saturday, May 11. The walk begins at 9:30am at L.A. Live (Staples Center). The walk is to raise awareness and funds to fight homelessness. It’s a lot of fun for a great cause. We would like to invite you to join us for us! Deed and Truth will be hosting a team on Saturday, May 11 for the 5K Walk at L.A. Live. Registration is free and any proceeds from the walk will go toward the continuation of our life-saving programs and services to help those experiencing homelessness find their way home. To register just go to: URMWALK.ORG and eith

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