Growing Up

Phillip was abandoned by his entire family at the age of 8 or 9 in the projects of Los Angeles many years ago. He was traumatized and his emotional development stopped that day. Today he’s a grown man physically and growing up emotionally and spiritually. Check out how God is growing him up at the URM in very measurable ways… Phillip is an Ambassador at the mission. That means he is one of only 22 men who are permanent residents. These 22 men have graduated the Christian Life Discipleship Program but have disabilities that preclude them from providing for themselves and no family to take them in. Phillip has been at the mission for 7 years now clean and sober and growing up in many ways. Edu

Beach Day

When you live in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles at the Mission in the middle of skid row it can be described as a “swirling vortex of chaos.” Getting out of the neighborhood for a day is extremely therapeutic and a necessity for healthy recovery. A big thanks to our friends for making this possible last week for 29 of our men. A BIG shout out to our friends at Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente for hosting a Beach Day for the men in the Christian Life Discipleship Ministry at the URM. They invited the men to attend their church service to worship together in San Clemente and then reserved a spot at Doheny Beach in Dana Point for a relaxing day at the beach. The guys had a great time sc


Hope Gardens is our Recovery Facility for single mothers and their families. It is nestled in the foothills of Sylmar. The isolated 77-acre oasis is advantageous for recovery from trauma but difficult for mobility. How does a mother and family at Hope Gardens get around without a vehicle? Most of the moms in the Hope Gardens ministry do not have personal vehicles so they rely on the staff to get them around when they have court dates, school functions, medical appointments, and personal errands to run. The current vehicle that was donated to the Gardens years ago is on its last leg. It is old (2003 model) and tired (236,000 miles). It’s becoming more and more unreliable and unsafe to take on

Alabaster Jar

No one can do everything but everyone can do something. This is the story of one such person who has started a new ministry for Deed and Truth to bless those whom God has called to serve on the front lines of the fight against homelessness. ALABASTER JAR by Lynne Muslin Several years ago I was given a small book titled She Did What She Could by Elisa Morgan. It’s a wonderful book about serving God based on Mark 14:8. It’s the beautiful story about the woman with the alabaster jar. It challenged me, yet also gave me peace and comfort in knowing God gives each of us opportunities for service that are unique to our lives, our giftedness, our resources, if only our hearts are open and our

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