An oasis symbolizes a place of refreshment in a desert. This Thanksgiving Deed & Truth expresses our gratitude to the Hope Gardens Staff who work in a high-stress environment by providing an oasis from their hectic pace. The Hope Gardens Staff Lounge is a get-away from the daily pressures of the ministry. Deed & Truth is saying “thank you” by renovating the Staff Lounge to be a comfortable place to get away during the workday. They love it! Check out their new digs… and this Thanksgiving weekend Betty and I want to recognize those of you who support our ministry by saying “thank you” for supplying with great space to serve the HG Staff who are serving the families experiencing homelessness i


This Thanksgiving Day we want to say “Thank You” in a very personal way. We’d like to share our heart with you. As much as we need and appreciate your financial support to do the ministry God has called us to it’s not our only concern regarding your donation. We want to pay attention to our motivation. We desire to say as Paul said to his good friends at the church in Philippi who consistently, time and again, supported his ministry… “Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited to your account.” (Phil. 4:17) We want you to know that we recognize that you are entrusting your financial kingdom investments with us. We want to make good use of your gifts so that your acc

The Band of Brothers

Every month Deed & Truth sponsors a community-building event for the Alumni of the URM men’s ministry. Last night they had a great time at the L.A. Car Show. None of the men have cars but for one night you can dream can’t you?! :) The L.A. Convention Center was hosting the 2020 Car Show so I took a van full of guys to look around. There we lots of cool cars, trucks, and interactive opportunities to see, touch, and experience. They oohed and aahed, wanted their pictures taken, and laughed with each other a lot. We helped design a car with Seth’s skill with a marker. Ricky and Phil found motorcycles they could handle. We found an idea for reducing homelessness. Phil even found the new truck he


The first time I met Mike Weber he came up to me after I spoke at Mission Chapel service with tears in his eyes. I had just preached on Psalm 37:4 that if you delight in the Lord he will give you the desires of your heart. Mike was moved that God might still be able to supply the desire of his heart. Mike revealed that the desire of his heart was to be reconciled to his three siblings and their families. He hadn’t been in contact with them for close to 25 years due to having burned those relationships to accommodate his addictions. During the past four years Mike experienced transformation through Christ. Eventually he was healthy enough to reach out and try to seek forgiveness of his family

The Extra Mile

Expressing appreciation in tangible ways is an appropriate way to honor those who go the extra mile, who go over and above the call of duty. Deed & Truth wants to display our appreciation for the Hope Gardens staff for their recent efforts in the evacuations. Serving at Hope Gardens is no small service to God. The staff is daily working in a stressful environment with families who are fleeing some very difficult circumstances. Adding to the daily pressures of this type of ministry, this past month they had to orchestrate two 2-day evacuations and a third on-site realignment for a power outage. They had to work overtime and realign their personal and family schedules to have work shifts aroun

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