Looking Back

Here is a list of Ministries that Deed and Truth, either created, developed, sponsored, or hosted this past year through your generosity and support. We thank God for the fruit of the ministry that was accomplished with your help and support through your prayers, your financial donations, and your volunteer efforts. TRANSPORTATION: Purchased a Toyota Van for Hope Gardens URM BEAUTIFICATION PROJECTS: Large Day Room for URM Program Men Movie Room for URM Program Men New and Improved Barber Shop for URM Program Men Lobby for URM Program Men HOPE GARDENS BEAUTIFICATION PROJECTS: Lobby for HG Administration Offices HG Staff Lounge SENIOR LADIES @ HOPE GARDENS Sponsor monthly community Events for


No, not the guy in the over-stated red suit who reportedly is making a list and checking it twice. No, I’m not even referring to God himself who does have that ability. I’m talking about our children… The children learn best by our example and don’t you know… they are watching you. Check out the story of a father and son who volunteer with Deed & Truth at the mission. Scott McLellan My first Ironman experience was a Christian Life Discipleship Program graduation. I rode up to URM with Jerry Jenkins and he used our time on the road to explain Ironman, URM, and his experience with being a mentor. I’ve been involved in different capacities ever since. Kai came to me one day and asked if he coul

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Andy Williams recorded that Christmas classic, “It’s the most Wonderful time of the year” and for many people it really is, but for many people living in Skid Row who are disconnected from friends and family, Christmas can be the most DEPRESSING time of the year. Deed & Truth is busy at the Union Rescue Mission and Hope Gardens helping our guests, and staff, understand why Christmas is a time to “Celebrate” rather than “Hibernate.” In our culture Christmas celebration is heavily tied to our relationships with family and friends and consumerism. Not to say “Ba! Humbug!” on our Christmas Celebrations but it is incumbent upon us to be sensitive to our brothers and sisters who lack relational co

Secret to Success

People who struggle with addiction and homelessness have something in common and so do those who find success in their recovery. The core factor behind addiction and homelessness is not simply a lack of housing or employment but disconnectedness. Therefore the core factor in recovery from these adversities is connectedness. That’s why the church is so critical for those who are serious about their long-term recovery. We strive to see the men and women at the mission and Hope Gardens get into churches and see it for more than just an event on Sunday to attend. God designed the church to be so much more. I want to introduce you to two men who I view as exemplary in their attitude toward th

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