Fresh Start

It’s always exciting to see how God delivers victory from the threatening grip of defeat, understanding out of confusion, faith from fear, functionality from chaos, redemption out of the broken, and meaning out of what was void. Here’s another House2Home story that highlights these truths. Stephanie has grown up around abuse and God brought her to Hope Gardens to deliver her from a domestic violence situation. As a result of such trauma she developed destructive coping strategies which is more common than not. She was defeated, fearful, broken, living a chaotic lifestyle, and her life felt void of purpose. Stephanie’s situation was even more complicated as she is trying to raise three boys,

All Hands on Deck

We're excited to share with you another significant story regarding our House2Home (H2H) we are committed to "Turning a House to a Home...ending homelessness one family at a time!" Alicia and her four precious children were referred to Hope Gardens for their personal safety, healing, and recovery. Having suffered severe domestic violence and a traumatic near death experience, living in the safety of Hope Gardens was an oasis of healing for her entire family. After graduating from the program, Alicia become an apprentice in the Hope Gardens "Peeps" Department which is the childcare and preschool program. She not only found her niche, but under the godly mentorship of Gina, the

How are the Homeless affected by the Coronavirus?

You're likely getting an incredible amount of emails regarding the Coronavirus from all different sources - your favorite grocery stores, online shops, churches, news corporations, and more. Even PetCo wants you to be aware of how clean their stores are so that you can take care of your pets. Many of these organizations are well-meaning and just working to serve their customer base well. We didn't want to send out yet another email but realize that those who receive this email and read our blog, do so because they care deeply for the homeless community in Los Angeles that Deed and Truth has the opportunity to serve. With that, we wanted to give you an update on the status of our communities


Complete recovery is not simply getting sober and starting new life patterns. One of the final steps is restoring broken relationships that need mending then learning to live in community. For those from loving families it means reconciling those relationships. This week we have a Homecoming to share. Ken Harmon is a URM graduate and has been living in the Ambassadors wing for a number of years. The Ambassadors are actually residents who have qualified to stay as long as they are physically and mentally able to care for themselves. Ken is 79 years old and the oldest man in the mission. For four years I’ve been having conversations with Ken about contacting his family but he wasn’t ready. Two


“Dress for Success” was a best-selling book written in 1975 about the effect of clothing on a person’s personal image and its effect upon one’s success in business and personal life. If you can dress for success then it makes sense your clothes can conversely affect a lack of success in life. Deed & Truth wants to clean up skid row, or at least the clothes for the men in the Christian Life Discipleship Ministry, at the Union Rescue Mission. As of today, as this blog is written, there are ZERO WORKING WASHING MACHINES for the men’s floor! There was only one and it broke. We all know the importance of having clean clothes on our mental health and our view of ourselves as well as our confidenc

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