This weekend the Deed & Truth House2Home team moved in another family. This is the third family in the month of May. We want you to hear her story and meet her family. Carmen is a mother of three and a grandmother of one. She was in various relationships that were abusive. After she was able to get out of those relationships she didn’t receive financial support for her children and with challenges to find full time employment she lived with her mother in her one-bedroom apartment in low income housing. Carmen was unable to stay with her mother long term due to restrictions. As she faced being homeless Carmen came to Hope Gardens. Carmen successfully graduated from her classes, was a active m

Able to Smile Again

Sandra is known for her big beautiful smile. She wears it often now that she has graduated from Hope Gardens but her not so recent past held it hostage through unhealthy relationships and addiction that was medicating her pain. Sandra is smart, has a great sense of humor, and a soft compassionate heart. Sandra is a wonderful success story. She has an excellent work ethic and faithfully demonstrated that through her maintenance apprenticeship while at Hope Gardens. She conducted her duties with a genuine desire to do her best. These attributes served her well, and before transitioning out of Hope Gardens she secured full time employment at El Pollo Loco. As a matter of fact, last week, when I

It's In God's Hands

Imagine if you were a teenage girl - where do you turn if your mother is an addict and your baby’s father is abusive? Where do you go when you live in constant fear and don’t know any other existence? What do you do when you’re in emotional pain 24/7? The answer is usually drugs. That’s what happened to Stephanie. The pattern happened over and over and always back with the abuser and drugs to manage the pain even at the expense of her two young children. Stephanie was calling out for help but didn’t know where to turn. After getting having her children removed from the home and arrested one day asked the policeman to get her some help to escape this lifestyle. She pleaded for him to send her

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