March 19, 2017

She came forward for prayer at the end of our Tuesday Night Live service in the mission chapel.  Her clothes were tattered and mismatched.  I reached out to take her hand and her hands were rough and chapped. When I leaned in there was an odor of homelessness....

March 11, 2017

Last week I traveled to Cuba with with my missionary friend, Bruce Camp to evaluate opportunities for future ministry.  It turns out that Cuba is a very appealing mission field: It’s close, just south of Florida, so it can be done in 6-7 days; It’s relatively inexpensi...

July 9, 2016

We learn about life as a child from living in a family.  Functional families both provide for our needs as well as protect us from harm.  Families are suppose to be the safe place for children to be nurtured and developed.

Meet Phillip, the street kid.  One morning...

July 2, 2016

Someone asked me this week an intriguing question: “How has living and serving on skid row changed you?” 

I’ve been doing some introspection this week to answer that question.  It dawned on me that it’s been six months since I transitioned to this new ministry and neigh...

June 25, 2016

The term "skid row" or "skid road", referring to an area of a city where people live who are "on the skids", derives from a logging term. Loggers would transport their logs to a nearby river by sliding them down roads made from greased skids. Loggers who had accompanie...

June 18, 2016

You can learn a lot from a person less fortunate than yourself.  All you need to do is develop a relationship.

If you have been receiving these updates for a while you will remember Larry, my friend who begs on the street.  I see him every week and stop to talk and have...

June 11, 2016

God is counter culture. He moves in unexpected ways because he doesn’t operate from the culture’s values.His ways are radical to our thinking.

When Jesus came to earth heintentionally, and continually, demotedhimselfto accomplish our redemption. The second person of the...

June 3, 2016



This is a story that begins and ends in prison.  It doesn’t start well but, by the grace of God, it will end well.



Meet Rick.  He was born in a prison.  His mother spent the first ten years of his life in prison.  He spent the early, impressionable years of his life...

May 27, 2016



The most successful comedy film of the 80’s is getting a make over, “Ghostbusters”.  The famous line from the movie and theme song was, “Who ya gonna call?”  It referenced an add for the Ghostbuster company suggesting if you are having a problem with ghosts you ought...

May 21, 2016

This past weekend was full of ministry refreshing staff and recruiting a church partnership.

Working with abused women and hurting people every day is draining on those who serve them.  Statistics show that this type of ministry produces a lot of burnout for staffin...

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