• Dan Anderson

Refreshing & Recruiting

This past weekend was full of ministry refreshing staff and recruiting a church partnership. Working with abused women and hurting people every day is draining on those who serve them. Statistics show that this type of ministry produces a lot of burnout for staffing. In working with the staff I realized that it had been way to long since they had a time to be refreshed and recharged spiritually. That’s why Deed & Truth wanted to provide get-away weekend retreats for the teams at the URM and Hope Gardens. We have planned and hosted three retreats for different portions of the leadership teams this past two weeks. We found them a beach house, generously offered by one of our ministry friends, provided them meals, fun & games, relaxation, spiritual care, and team building opportunities. What a blessing this time turned out to be for each of the ministry teams. They hadn’t laughed or cried that hard for a long time. We focused on personal spiritual health as well as relationship building. There were significant break-throughs in both areas.

The past two weekends have also been times to preach at a local church in Los Angeles to promote a partnership in ministry to the least of these whom we serve on a daily basis. The church presented us with purchased toys, work out equipment, and clothes needed by the women and children at Hope Gardens.

The reception was so positive the pastor asked me to return for a second Sunday to preach again. I will be there again tomorrow. Please pray for God to continue to provide opportunities to present the ministry. Pray also that he would use me to inspire church leaders and the congregations to get involved at new levels of relationship building with the hurting people God brings our way to serve, heal, and restore.

- Pastor Dan

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