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The most successful comedy film of the 80’s is getting a make over, “Ghostbusters”. The famous line from the movie and theme song was, “Who ya gonna call?” It referenced an add for the Ghostbuster company suggesting if you are having a problem with ghosts you ought to call them to solve your problem.

A couple months ago I introduced you to a walking Ghost, Alexander. In one of my updates from skid row I told you about this young man we met at a church we were at for a mission promotion.

As I mentioned, he came up to us and simply said, “I am a ghost.” He meant that for the last ten years he had no heart, no purpose, no reason to wake up and he was homeless just finding place to lay his head every night. He didn’t know who to call to get help so he called out to God in hopes he might be the real Ghostbuster.

We started meeting regularly, he started coming to URM chapel, and God brought other Christians into his life and within two weeks he had come to know Christ. In the last ten weeks he has been attending revivals, bible studies, church services, and men’s breakfasts soaking in the word of God at every turn.

Alexander is a new man. He is full of life and vitality. He has a desire to know God better and share him with others who need hope.

We had a conversation about the use of his talent. As you might recall, he was a professional illusionist and puppeteer. He became disillusioned making money and even when he traveled India visiting orphanages he left them the same way he found them… orphans. “What’s the point”, he concluded.

I asked him, “What if you incorporated Christ into your act and then when you leave you have planted seeds that remain long after you have left?” This thought totally resonated with him.

This past month he did a free show for the children at the Union Rescue Mission and is scheduled to do a show at Hope Gardens. This past Wednesday he came to Pacific Coast Church to put on shows for the Hero’s Inc. Hero-mania. He was so grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord with his talent.

I know a former children’s director who is now a professional illusionist who serves churches. We are setting up a meeting for the two “magicians” to talk so Alexander can learn new ways to incorporate biblical truth into his performance so he can plant “good news” seeds that will last long after his visit.

Please pray for Alexander as he pursues God, ministry, and a new life with Christ in the center.

Check out this video of Alexander performing for some of the kids.

Update on Myra Hooper:

Yesterday was Neveah’s ninth birthday. Her mother was happy to be around to enjoy the celebration. Myra has been going for treatments for her cancer. Please be praying for her in the next few days as she has an appointment with her oncologist to get the results of the treatments. Tuesday she will find out if the treatments are working, and what the future might hold for her. Please pray that Myra will be prepared spiritually to receive the doctor’s report. I’ll update you next week on the results of the test and next steps. Thanks in advance for your prayerful support.

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