• Pastor Dan Anderson

Taking the Gospel to the Streets

It’s surprising how many people who live on the streets in poverty are interested in things of God. Last Saturday we partnered with West Angeles Church of God in Christ to hold a street revival on skid row. The place was packed with people who wanted to worship and hear the word of God.

West Angeles is a large church led by Bishop Blake. They have an evangelistic heart so we planned an outdoor revival meeting to minister to the people in the neighborhood and those experiencing homelessness on the street. The day was full of live music, testimonies of transformed lives, and preaching about the good news of Jesus to refresh the soul. We also provided cold water, shade, and a snack for refreshment for the body.

About 30 volunteers from the church spent time interacting with the guests and sharing the compassion of Jesus in some practical ways such as free socks and medical exams. It was a great example of the church being the light of the world shining in the midst of darkness.

Many received encouragement that Jesus forgives sin and offers hope. Many felt cared for that volunteers from a church would be willing to spend their day off interacting with people who are generally ignored. For one day they felt a little more self-worth because Jesus’ people paid attention to them and made them feel like they mattered to God.

Pray for the homelessness problem. It’s a growing population. Last year it grew 7% and we have seen a 30% increase in people coming for shelter in the mission. Most of the new growth is single women. We had to purchase 200 new cots and we are using the day rooms and chapel as overflow for sleeping quarters. We also have about 40 men sign up for the discipleship program just in the past month. Where there is great suffering, there is a great movement of a compassionate God. Contact me to see how you can be his hands and feet to express the love of Jesus through Deed and Truth.

-Pastor Dan

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