• Pastor Dan Anderson

Straight Inta Compton

Straight Outta Compton is a movie that came out last year about life in the ‘hood. Compton is a dangerous place to live but there is a great church there doing effective ministry to bring the light of the gospel to their neighborhood. I had the privilege to preach and represent the Mission at the City of Zion Missionary Baptist Church in Compton. Pastor Bob invited me to share what God is doing on Skid Row and to inspire the congregation to get more involved. It was a special day.

Rather than simply share statistics I brought with me one of our graduates and he shared the transforming work of God in his life via the Union Rescue Mission. The people were moved by his sincerity and sensitivity.

Although Betty was the only one in the audience who was not African-American, we connected immediately as brothers and sisters in Christ, and they responded so well to the message of Jesus and his compassion for the marginalized. It’s so cool to visit, share or speak at so many different types of churches and participate in such varied approaches to worship of God. Please pray for Pastor Bob and the City of Zion MBC. Please pray also that God will use me as I minister to churches on Sundays throughout Los Angeles and Orange County to help churches see how they can express the love of Jesus through deed and truth.

If you would like me to come to your church and bring a living testimony of what God is doing at Skid Row please pass along my contact information to your church leadership. You can also pass along their contact information and I contact them and introduce myself and the mission.

Take a look at this snippet of the amazing worship at City of Zion MBC:

-Pastor Dan

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