• Pastor Dan Anderson


This past week 68 people on skid row overdosed on synthetic marijuana called Spice leaving one dead. Spice is very dangerous and has the potential to cause serious harm to users. Even the second hand ingestion of spice is causing issues for many. It’s effects can range from leaving one in a catatonic state, to psychotic or violent behavior, or cause black outs and seizures.

Spice is made of ground potpourri of herbs and spices then sprayed with chemicals. The chemicals are constantly changing to avoid law enforcement and it’s so unreliable that it’s a serious health threat.

Spice is especially popular on skid row due to its inexpensive price point. Two joints are sold for $1.00 so anyone on the street can afford it.

Next Saturday, September 3rd a coalition of churches and the Mission are getting together to pass out Spice Warning Flyers up and down all the streets of skid row. We will also be distributing water to all the street dwellers.

I’d like to invite you to join us as we canvas the streets with flyers and water. It will begin with a prayer vigil right outside the mission at 10:00 am for all those hospitalized and the one neighbor who died from using the drug.

You may also help by helping us purchase the water. For each $25 donation we can purchase five cases of bottled water for those living on the streets of skid row.


If you can’t join the walk or donate for the water you can still pray for the distribution of these flyers and the safety of the people who are vulnerable to this dangerous drug. Pray too for LAPD as they attempt to find the source to cut off the supply and bring the dealers and manufacturers to justice.

-Pastor Dan

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