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The Skid Row Spice Crisis:

We had about 40 people last Saturday join us to canvas a large portion of skid row with spice warning flyers and free water. Most of the residents on the street were appreciative of both.

A special thanks shout out to all of you who donated to purchase the water. I had pre-ordered 90 cases (over 2000 bottles) for three large carts since we had 2000 flyers printed. The local pastors and organizations were really blown away by the amount of water. I was blown away by the amount of donations for the water: $450… That’s exactly the cost of 90 cases! I guess we shouldn’t be surprised when God is at work.

One other praise report on the Spice crisis… The police arrested five dealers on the corner of 5th and San Pedro. That’s the nearest corner to the Union Rescue Mission. I walk it almost every day. Please continue to pray for the police to locate the distribution center where this stuff is being made and distributed.


If you have been following these reports from skid row you might recall Larry, my friend who panhandles on the sidewalk. Larry rescued a dog not to long ago and now they are best of friends. Larry loves little “Rebel”.

Please pray for Larry this week as he was robbed at knife point by two thugs in a nearby alley when he was walking Rebel. They told him they’d kill his dog if he didn’t give them his money. He had $37 on him as he had just hit the jackpot earlier that night when a guy gave him a jar full of coins he had been collecting.

When I saw Larry two days ago he was wearing dirty clothes as he told me he was unable to do his laundry and was a little behind on his rent due to the robbery.


Myra is excited to report that she has found low cost housing and is moving this month out of Hope Gardens and into her own apartment. She has a couple more weeks of treatment before they do the final testing to see if the cancer is operable.

Erin Brown is rounding up the things Myra needs for her new apartment. If you’d like to help Erin with some of the needs you can contact us at Deed and Truth.

Pray for Myra to experience the peace that passes understanding while she awaits the results from the treatments.

Myra’s story is the focus of the URM’s latest video. Check it out:

-Pastor Dan

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