• Pastor Dan Anderson


People experiencing homelessness place a high value on prayer and love to have people pray for them. Last Tuesday night they were waiting in line to receive prayers. It was a powerful movement of the Spirit of God.

About three months ago I started Tuesday Night Live @ the Mission. We have churches come to host a service for 60 minutes and invite all the guests staying at the mission. It has proved to be a wonderful way to minister to needs and connect our people with followers of Jesus from local churches. Each week a different church hosts the evening and it turns out to be a lot of different flavors of ministry. Our guests enjoy the worship, listening to stories of redemption and transformation, and the preaching of the word. However, maybe the most popular time is the alter call.

This past Tuesday night an alter call flowed out spontaneously from the worship service. It was not only unplanned, but also highly emotional. People started to line the front for prayer. There were more people seeking prayer than leaders to pray with them… so they waited in line to get a prayer. Men and women were not just shedding tears but wailing.

Where there is great brokenness, there is a great movement of the Spirit of God. There is usually an out-pouring of the Spirit on Tuesday nights at the mission. If you’d like your church to get involved we will likely have an opening for you. If you’d like to come and join us yourself you are certainly welcome to attend.

Please pray for us on Tuesday nights from 7-8pm. Pray for more churches to join our rotation and for those at the mission needing a touch from God. We are seeing people come to Christ and many are finding hope, encouragement and strength to face another day.

–Pastor Dan

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