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We promoted the Iron Man 5 Conference for Men as the Best Weekend of your Life. That’s a tall order to fill but that was our prayer for the men at the mission as well as the men from Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente.

Our fifth annual conference was this past weekend. The Iron Man concept is a reference from Proverbs 27:17 which says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”

The goal is to have Christian brothers from different mothers and much different neighborhoods to come together to sharpen and encourage one another. We have found that men experiencing homelessness and in the discipleship program at the mission need mentors and that men from the church need relationships with the marginalized to enrich, educate, and develop their hearts of compassion. It works.

This past Saturday about 50 men from San Clemente drove up to Los Angeles and spent the day in skid row at the Union Rescue Mission with about 120 men who temporarily call the mission their home.

The theme is “Faith and Friendship”. We created the event to come together on the common bond of our faith in Jesus Christ with the long term goal of developing lasting friendships.

We studied the word together, worshipped together, played together, ate together, laughed together and got to understand life from the other man’s perspective for a full day. Then on Sunday the buses brought our brothers from the mission in L.A. to San Clemente to the church. There we did church together then went to the beach for a BBQ lunch and baptisms. In a statement, we built the foundation for on-going relationships.

This was far and away the largest participation from the mission. We grew 50% over the previous year. But more than simply the numbers we saw God move. We had an incredible prayer time response to Friday night’s message to lay the spiritual groundwork for a very special weekend.

We will be following up with mentorship training in an attempt to grow the mentoring piece of the Iron Man Ministry. Thanks to all our friends from Pacific Coast Church who attended and invested in making this, for some, the best weekend of their lives.

My 85 year-old father came a couple years ago and his review of his experience was that “Iron Man Conference was the best ministry weekend of his life.” I think many others would agree with him.

Please pray for mentoring relationships to grow out of this conference. Please pray for more mentors as we have a waiting list of men at the mission desiring to have a father figure and friendship. If you are interested in learning more about what is involved in mentoring a man in the program or graduate please contact me directly through our website or email.

–Pastor Dan

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