• Pastor Dan Anderson


Experiencing homelessness is a difficult thing physically, emotionally, and socially. Now add to that dilemma a dangerous cancer that is threatening to end your life prematurely while you have a young daughter you are raising.

Myra Hooper was diagnosed with a form of stage four Pancreatic cancer at the end of last year. Her doctor’s prognosis was not good, more of a forgone conclusion, so she faced the reality of losing her life. She began to look for someone who would raise her daughter as job one.

That’s when we rallied our Deed and Truth friends to fulfill Myra’s wish to send them to Disneyland and we started to pray.

Myra just received some incredible news… Her cancer is gone. The doctor said it was extremely rare that a patient survives this kind of cancer. The doctor couldn’t explain it. But Myra could. She told the doctor it was God’s answer to prayers. Thank you for praying. Myra has a new lease on life.

And speaking of new leases on life… Myra has more good news. She got an apartment and has moved out of Hope Gardens. Myra is no longer experiencing homelessness. She has a new lease!

I was at chapel on her last day at Hope Gardens and I asked Myra to share at the end of the message. She shared her story, gave God glory, thanked them for their friendship, and said goodbye to the ladies. It was special.

Praise God for Myra’s new leases on life!

Check out a video of Myra flashing a big smile as she reports the good news.

– Pastor Dan

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