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Studies seem to be showing that some of the things we thought we knew about addiction may not be true at all. This would have a major impact on how to treat or go about recovery and treatment of users. Is this really a chemical dependency issue with the body or something very different? You may be surprised at what you are about to read.

Some studies are suggesting that although some people may be physically prone to being more susceptible to certain addictive behaviors it may not be a chemical dependency at the root of the problem. The theory now being discussed substantiates something the bible teaches about the way God made humans to function.

The thinking is that “addiction” might be better called “bonding”. It suggests that humans are “designed to connect” to people. When people don’t have a community of functioning relationships they will seek to “bond” with something else… enter the addictive power of drugs and alcohol. Unfortunately, when individuals move into these alternative-bonding experiences, they also move more toward isolation, which is at the very heart of the problem in the first place.

This thinking leads to this conclusion... The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, but connection. This supports what the bible teaches… that we were made for communion with God and community with others. It is not good for man to be alone and healthy living begins with a connection with God that will lead to community with others. This is a multi-faceted problem having roots in the spiritual, emotional, and social realms, not simply in the physical and mental psyche of an individual.

Although John Lennon may not be a theologian, he must have been an observant student of human behavior. He suggested that, “all you need is love.” Love may not be all you need, but it certainly lines up with the teaching of Jesus, that love is the core of human need and of a productive and satisfying life.

This week Deed & Truth sponsored our second “Band of Brothers” connect activity to provide needed connection for the grads on the 5th floor who have significantly less programming from the mission. Two of our grads who have transitioned out invited the men to their home in Pasadena for a BBQ and movie.

This proved to be a real encouragement and inspiration to the men to visualize life after the mission. James Han and Joe Hernandez shared how God has and is walking them through a successful transition.

The entire evening was a huge benefit to the 25 guys in attendance. I want to give a special shout-out to Scott, Mike, and Jay from Pacific Coast Church who helped out. These guys are awesome friends of the ministry.

Please pray for our Deed and Truth ministry to the graduates who are in their transitional year at the mission. Pray specifically for these men to move into closer communion with Christ and to pursue community with others.

–Pastor Dan

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