• Jennie Parr

Planting Seeds of Love

We all have a story. My brother James and I grew up in an abusive home, in a poor neighborhood in inner city Chicago. Our mother sent us to Catholic school where I learned that Jesus was the Son of God, Who died for my sins because He loved me, a “fact” that I carried around in my head for 37 yrs. I didn’t do much with that fact except ask that Jesus that I heard about to get me out of the trouble I would find myself in, which was often: Abusive relationships, 2 failed marriages, a nervous breakdown and relinquishment of my precious children. Much of this was due to excessive alcohol abuse.

Finally, at age 37, I had a real conversation with Jesus and gave Him my life. The facts about Jesus that were planted in my head when I was a child, changed to a relationship with Him that went to my heart and changed my life. That was 31 yrs. ago.

I am convinced when we plant the seed of Jesus’ love in the heart of a child our Faithful God will water that seed and in His good time, if it is His will, He will reap it. Our role is simply to plant the seed and that’s what we do at Kids Korner.

Kids Korner is a ministry at the Union Rescue mission for children 2-6 yrs. old. that the Lord called me to initiate last Spring. You know how it goes: I was just minding my own business doing ministry at my local church. One day I felt compelled to take the mission tour and the next thing I knew the Lord touched my heart with mission work and then He handed me this awesome blessing and opportunity to minister their children. And then I realized: Oh my gosh, He brought my life full circle.

What is Kids Korner? Kids Korner is an opportunity for children to come and play, sing and dance, hear a Bible story, do a craft, color and a fun activity. But above all experience the love of Jesus through the care and devotion of consistent volunteers.

We are open to the children every Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 9-11:15.

Jesus has put together a loving and caring team of people to plant His seeds of love in the children. However, we need more help to expand the ministry. We are looking for an additional volunteer on Tuesday and we are praying for volunteers for Thursday so we can add another day. Could this be you?

Each of us on the team has a story as to how we got here but we all have one thing in common, we all thought we were coming to be used of the Lord to enrich the lives of the children only to find that the Lord is using the children to enrich our lives more than we could have imagined.

“Take them by the hand and lead them in the way of the Master” Eph 6:4b

If you would like to contribute toward classroom supplies etc, please specify: Kids Korner.

–Jennie Parr

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