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Ashley is a young employee at the Union Rescue Mission who started a new Christmas tradition in her family that exemplifies the Christmas spirit. She is giving, not out of abundance, but out of her poverty. Check out Ashley’s story in her own words.

Three years ago God placed in my heart to use my bonus check from work towards a breakfast (donuts) to feed the homeless on Christmas morning. I was faithful to his word. My children, husband, fellow co-workers and friends come down to skid row and we celebrate Christmas morning with strangers just like God ordained. Since my first event I have made it a yearly tradition to come down and do something special. Gradually more and more people got involved. This years event will take place in the city of Westchester, CA. Lately the city has had a huge increase with homelessness. The area is under demolition, LAX has decided to turn homes/apartments into a parking structure. Hopefully what I am doing can make a small impact feel like a life changing story. God has blessed me in so many areas of my life, so it’s only right I return his GRACE and everlasting LOVE.

This year Ashley and her family will be cooking and serving a chicken dinner to these people who are being displaced. Ashley was telling me this story and I informed her that Deed and Truth would finance $500 for the event and ask our supporters to pray. Ashley was so excited to know that we would help her financially. She is moved by what she sees as God providing the funds necessary to move from donuts to dinner... and that God is expanding her vision to provide new friends and partners to join her effort to express the love of Jesus and continue her Christmas tradition.

Please pray for Ashley as she is obedient in using her family time on Christmas eve, and her Christmas bonus (and then some) to express the love of Christ at the holidays. If you would like to send Ashley an encouraging message you can send me an email at and I will forward it to her.

–Pastor Dan

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