• Pastor Dan Anderson


Every Tuesday night we have a service and an invitation. She waited patiently in line for all the others to receive prayer and then it was her turn.

She introduced herself as "Sister Claudia". I asked her how I could pray for her. “I’ve been living and serving the Lord on the streets of skid row for ten years now and I’m tired. I need to get out of here. Please pray for a place I can call home”, she said. I prayed for Claudia and when I said, “Amen” something happened that I hadn’t experienced before.

As soon as I finished praying Sister Claudia launched into a beautiful prayer, not for herself but for me. Here was a woman who had been living in difficulty and making the most of it by serving other people. She saw her ten years in and out of the streets as ministry, caring for others while trying to care for herself. But she is tired.

Please pray for Sister Claudia. She calls the Union Rescue Mission home for the time being but this is only “the way home”. Would you join her in praying for God to supply. She’s ready for a home of her own. Until then, pray for endurance, strength and continued perseverance as she serves others in her path.

And next time you are feeling tired and weary of doing good in the face of difficulty or disappointment gain strength from Sister Claudia, one of my heroes here at skid row.

– Pastor Dan

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