• Pastor Dan Anderson



  1. Hired a graduate as an Apprentice at URM

  2. Employment Department: to help grads find jobs

  3. Hosted three BBQ’s to honor graduates

  4. Supplied Engraved Bibles as gifts for All Grads at URM and Hope Gardens

  5. Supplied Gifts for Middle School Graduates who live at Hope Gardens

  6. Supplied Bibles for URM guests

  7. Supplied Spanish Bibles for Spanish speakers at URM

  8. Supplied Bibles for URM guests

Band of Brothers Activities

  1. Night Out at the Movies

  2. Life after the Mission Event at Grad’s home

  3. Dodger Game Event

  4. Super Moon Event

Individual Projects

  1. Myra – Make a Wish for her to attend Disneyland with her daughter

  2. Myra – Helped provide furniture and assistance moving into her own apartment

  3. Seth – Monthly Support for a man with “no country”

  4. Elsie - Birthday Party for a 90 year old homeless lady

  5. Larry – Monthly groceries for street man

  6. Mike – Provided Transportation needs for homeless cancer patient

URM Grants

  1. Classroom renovation

  2. Iron Man Scholarship Fund for URM graduates to transition out


  1. Socks/Christmas Comic/Candy Canes for Street People

  2. Sponsored, Planned, and hosted HG Staff Christmas Event

  3. Sponsored, Planned, and hosted 5th Floor URM Christmas Event for Seniors

  4. Sponsored, Planned, and hosted URM CLDP Christmas Event for Program men

  5. Sponsored a homeless dinner on the streets on Christmas Eve

Various Projects

  1. Partnered with Pacific Coast Church to sponsor the Iron Man Conference

  2. Provided Water Walks on hot days for homeless on Skid Row

  3. Sponsored and hosted a Birthday Party for Hope Gardens guest

  4. Sponsored, planned, and hosted three Staff Leadership Retreats for URM & HG

  5. Open House for prayer partners to meet Myra

  6. Hosted a Tea Party Event for senior women @ Hope Gardens

  7. Provided furniture, clothing, and equipment for URM and Thrift Shop

  8. Planned and hosted URM New Year’s Eve Event to keep guests safe & sober at a vulnerable time

A friend asked me the other day a very intriguing question… “If I could give you a magic wand for ministry what would you do?”

I thought for a moment and God revealed it to me. I said, “Deed and Truth IS the Magic Wand.“ God has provided it to be the vehicle to fill the gaps and accomplish significant ministry needs and new ideas that he presents and wants to bring about through the mission connection.

I praise God for Deed and Truth… and I thank God for you who have faithfully prayed and given generously of your time and finances to make this ministry come to fruition. This is fruit to your account in heaven.

It has been a life-changing year for many people whom we had the privilege to meet and serve. It has been a life-changing year for Betty and I. I am humbled by what He has orchestrated. I am blown away by His grace. I am so very grateful for your compassion and support.

As we look ahead, may we all be “Blown Away” by the great things God has in store for us… more than we could ask or even imagine… in this coming year.

Happy New Year!

–Pastor Dan

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