• Pastor Dan Anderson


For everyone, resourced or not, true strength for the hardest of times comes from the same source… the joy of the Lord. However, too often we find our source of happiness in the resources themselves, instead of the one who has given the resources.

For those who have no resources it’s less confusing. The source of joy is in the only place they can go… The LORD!

I am continually humbled and challenged every day to observe some of the people I see living in the mission. Coming from a ministry and a personal lifestyle that have resources I have learned a lot about strength and joy. I am the learner and they are the teachers.

“Lord, forgive me for sometimes relying on the resources for my strength, security, and fulfillment… instead of in you… the one who graciously gives all good gifts. Help me find my strength in you… and more specifically… in the joy of simply having a relationship with you. May you alone, be enough.”

Here are a couple short videos I took in two moments like this on skid row. It will be well worth the 30 seconds it takes to watch…

–Pastor Dan

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