• Pastor Dan Anderson

Pouring Yourself Out

The Apostle Paul talked about pouring his life out in service to God. During the mid-1700’s, a Methodist fiery minister named George Whitefield, delivered over 18,000 sermons at a clip of 500 times a year for 34 consecutive years. He spoke his final sermon the day before his death.

Can you think of a better way to go than to be totally poured out for Jesus?

Not to draw any comparisons to the Apostle Paul or even George Whitefield, I thank God for the opportunity to be used of Him to keep busy in ministry. The past 14 days I’ve had the privilege to speak 15 times to churches, mission staff, mission guests, and church leaders. This is becoming the norm… and it feels good to put my head on my pillow at night knowing I was poured out during the day.

Living at the mission I’m able to put in long days (it helps that I don’t have a TV). Not only am I enjoying serving the body of Christ in this way but it also provides another valuable benefit… I have no problem falling asleep on my office sofa-bed and getting a good night’s sleep even with all the noise from the street.

It was exciting to see 71 church leaders attend two, 90-minute, training sessions for lay ministers who volunteer at the mission. As a result I have since received two opportunities to go to large churches to train their outreach staff and volunteer teams.

Thank you for praying for church connections. We are making strides in this area and I praise God for all he is doing. Things are happening and there is so much more I’d like to see done. Please pray for continued good health to be able to keep up a good ministry pace and for rest when I return to our home in the O.C.

Pouring out of self by pouring into others what God has poured into me… this is such a satisfying way to invest each day. Please pray for me to be remain faithful to the calling.

I can’t begin to imagine how George Whitefield poured himself out at such a crazy pace (although he did die at age 51)… but for now, I am pleased to have been granted these opportunities to minister God’s Word to hungry souls who will be faithful to train others also.

– Pastor Dan

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