• Pastor Dan Anderson


Church leaders in many poor parts of the world do not have the opportunity to get extensive training or valuable education. So next week Deed and Truth is going to provide some help to one such place.

Tuesday of this week I will be flying to Havana, Cuba with another missionary to provide a Leadership Conference for a Pastor and the leaders of the 25 house churches he oversees.

Along with providing valuable ministry training we will also be seeing what other opportunities might be available given Cuba’s recent change in leadership for future ministry to a very economically poor community of people.

The average income in Cuba is officially $25 a month although new reports suggest 54% bring home $50 - $200. Even still, this is a financially depressed people and their Christian churches can use our support.

Please pray for me as I travel this week for two things in particular:

  1. That the training and evangelism will be effective;

  2. That we would discern what the future opportunities to serve the body of Christ in this country.

– Pastor Dan

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