• Pastor Dan Anderson

Caps & Gowns

The ladies were all dressed up and wearing caps and gowns. Family and friends filled the room to encourage them for their achievement.

Betty is a favorite personality with the ladies and was asked to be the speaker at the graduation. She spoke on how to have a successful transition and be able to take Hope with you when you leave Hope Gardens. The mission CEO, Andy Bales, leaned over to me as Betty was concluding and said, "Wow, a family with two great preachers."

Betty has a vision to see Deed and Truth help our graduates transition successfully with more than just a motivational graduation speech. She wants to create an equivalent to the Band of Brothers ministry we have developed at the URM.

The Circle of Sisters will be starting to help our graduates from Hope Gardens stay in healthy community for their second year at the gardens. She has three objectives: 1) To host monthly events to rally the ladies in community; 2) To provide classes to provide spiritual guidance in their second year of their stay; 3) To provide prayer partners and mentors for their journey.

You can assist in this new ministry in one of three ways: 1) Pray for this new ministry; 2) Give of your time to be a part of one of their lives as a prayer partner or mentor and/or join the circle of sisters by attending their events; 3) Give to help us host monthly events to keep them in healthy community.

Your support through prayer, presence, and financial partnership enables us to share the love of Jesus in very practical ways to those who need it most.

– Pastor Dan

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