• Pastor Dan Anderson


- If you make $25,000 a year your income is more than 90% of the world.

- If you make $50,000 a year your income is more than 99% of the world.

- If you make $2,500 a year your income exceeds more than 80% of the world.

- If you have food in the fridge and a roof overhead you are more comfortable than 75% of the world.

- If you have two pairs of shoes in your closet you have at least one more than the people who live on skid row and check into the mission.

How many shoes are in your closet? It’s probably safe to say, more than we need. Since moving to the mission we instituted a new rule in our house: If you get a new shirt, pair of pants or shoes, jacket, or any other item… that’s cool… but you must give away the equivalent from our closet to the poor.

People who check into the Union Rescue Mission usually have little if anything more than the dirty clothes on their backs. We have clothing rooms for all our guests and if we get an over abundance of any items we have a thrift store to fill that provides jobs and clothing for the poor.

We would love to see our friends hold clothing drives in their churches, neighborhoods, and places of business. If you’d like to help with a clothing drive please contact me. No amount is too small or large, whether you have one bag or a truckload we can get it to the people on skid row that need it.

If you have more than two pairs of shoes you don’t need to feel bad about it. Thank God for those blessings… but if you’d like to share some of those lightly used clothing items hanging around in your closet or dresser that you don’t wear anymore … I know some people who’d look good in your old wardrobe

– Pastor Dan

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