• Pastor Dan Anderson


The first time I met Inga she was in our first floor day room sitting alone and staring into space. As I approached her to introduce myself she asked my name. I told her my name was Dan. She asked my last name. I said, “Anderson”. Her eyes lit up, a smile came across her face, and animation entered her accented voice as she said, “Anderson”, you are Swedish like me. My name is Inga.”

The next time I visited the day room she saw me come in and shouted out, “Anderson”. She took her hands off of her walker and flung her arms open wide. We embraced and she held tight.

The third time I encountered Inga she had come forward for prayer at the alter call at our Tuesday Night Live service. She wanted me to pray for her son Jeffrey. Jeff had been in an accident and had received a serious head injury. With tears in her eyes in her Swedish accent she lamented that Jeff could no longer recognize his own children. She wanted me to pray for him.

I see Igna regularly. No matter where she is or how far away she calls out “Anderson” as her arms open wide and invites me to come near and give her an embrace that says she feels loved.

Now she has come to call me “Pastor Dan” but her arms are still open wide. It reminds me of Jesus hanging on a cross and with his arms open wide he invites us to experience the love he has for us that kept him on that cross.

Please pray for Inga. It burdens my heart to see this older women having to live at a mission in the rescue wing. I would love to find a senior community home for her. And pray for her son Jeffrey to regain his memory so he can once again enjoy his family’s love.

– Pastor Dan

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