• Pastor Dan Anderson


Within the last few months we have seen an increasing number of men attending churches nearby the mission. One in particular is a small church called City Light.

Pastor Dennis invited me to speak at his church to inspire those Christ followers to reach out to the needy in the neighborhood. He and his outreach team have become very involved at the URM.

As a result of their efforts coming out to hold services and sponsor events 12-15 men from the mission are now regular attenders on Sunday at that church.

The church invited our men to attend their men’s retreat and six of them spent the weekend bonding and studying the word of God together in an intimate setting. Deed and Truth sponsored the men to attend and they were not only appreciative but they came back encouraged in their faith.

The men are learning that healthy living is not simply attending services at a church but becoming part of the community of believers.

Deed and Truth also rallied a number of men for another men’s conference at another nearby church where the guest speaker was former Laker’s star, Magic Ervin Johnson. Magic is a committed Jesus follower and attends West Angeles Church of God in Christ.

It was a fabulous time to hear a number of speakers capped off with an inspiring time with someone the guys all admired but this time, not for his athletic skills on the court but his commitment to the Christ, the church, and the community.

Thank you to those who financially support this ministry that allows us to sponsor men to attend events like this to get more connected to Christ through the local churches in our area.

Please pray for these men to assimilate into the local churches in Los Angeles and learn the value of being committed to the body of Christ, the most powerful movement on planet earth!

– Pastor Dan

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