• Pastor Dan Anderson


Many times we pray and petition God for things that never seem to be answered. Sometimes, if we are honest, we may get to wondering if our prayers make much of a difference.

Today we have a very clear and practical example of answered prayer and it didn’t take long…

Two weeks ago, in our weekly blog, I introduced you to Inga and asked you to pray for her son Jeffrey and for her to find a home and out of the mission. I saw Inga this week and, as usual, her face lit up. She informed me that she was leaving the mission to go home to live with her son Jeffrey and her grandchildren. I am so thankful for your prayers. Sometimes I wonder why God doesn’t provide permanent shelter sooner. We’ll never know the answer to the why but in this case, your prayers were answered.

Please take 60 seconds to watch this video and hear from Inga herself and sense her grateful spirit.

– Pastor Dan

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