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What’s on Your Bucket List?

Many of you have read about our friend Myra, a graduate of Hope Gardens, who has been dealing with cancer. Here is an update on her condition and her bucket list.

Myra’s doctor has informed her that the cancer has returned with a vengeance and has spread throughout her body. There is nothing they can do. They sent her home from the hospital to set up hospice care in her home.

Myra is depressed but solid in her faith. She knows she will soon die. She was told this a year ago but the treatments and prayer prolonged her life. Now it appears her time is at hand.

Myra has a good friend who will be taking and raising her daughter Nevaeh. She has one thing on her bucket list… to see her daughter smile as much as possible in these last days.

Nevaeh just turned ten. Betty and I took her, and Myra, to Universal Studios this week to celebrate. Myra was in a wheelchair but toughed it out to see her daughter enjoy her first trip ever to Universal.

Myra was glad to get home the other night to rest but she was so happy to see her daughter smile so many times as she got her picture with characters, saw fun shows, and enjoyed her birthday and new experiences.

As I watched Myra throughout the day I admired her. She was in pain all day yet was able to smile through it as she checked off the one thing on her bucket list… to see her ten year old daughter smile… over and over again.

Her personal pain took a back seat to her desire to see another person, her daughter, smile… How sweet, how simple, how spiritual!

A friend gave us a few dollars to get Nevaeh a souvenir at Universal. She was delighted to pick out a magic wand from Harry Potter’s castle. She had a great time all day trying to use her wand to change things.

Although Nevaeh would like to use her wand to heal her mother she knows that isn’t going to happen. Magic wands are just make believe but we are all so grateful for the truth of the promise of God who is preparing Myra’s real home. That confidence is helping Myra overcome the sorrow she lives with each day she is dying.

May Myra’s story help you with your bucket list. Please be praying for Myra and Nevaeh in these coming days. Pray that even in sorrow they can still smile… knowing that heaven is around the corner and joy is larger than this life!

– Pastor Dan

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