• Pastor Dan Anderson


Mike Weber graduated the one year Christian Life Discipleship Program and is now working with me as an Apprentice for the URM. Mike is a hard worker and gets things done. I am discipling him in spiritual leadership and he’s growing in Christ rapidly.

Mike also has cancer and needs to visit his doctors every week. His treatment, medication and condition combine for a number of uncomfortable side effects. It’s been very difficult getting around. He has been getting along by using the public transit and Access transportation.

This week Deed and Truth was able to donate a 2005 Toyota Camry to Mike. He got his Driver’s License Tuesday and now he has the freedom to get to the doctors office as well as get out of the mission once and a while to feel a little more normal.

After 23 years, Mike is on the road again… thanks to Deed and Truth and a donated vehicle.

If you are thinking of getting a new vehicle and would be willing to donate your old one, we have a number of people on skid row who need transportation for health and work related reasons. Getting a car is a major step forward to people who are trying to turn their lives around.

This car not only has practical value but it is also evidence to Mike that God is paying attention and caring for his needs. It highlights to him that he is getting healthy and… on the Road to Recovery!

– Pastor Dan


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