• Pastor Dan Anderson


Refreshment on a hot summer day can come in many forms but I can’t think of a healthier option that this…

We feel refreshed when we refresh others. Serving others is the healthiest way to feel good about yourself and doing it in the name of Jesus can make an impact for eternity.

The Compton Initiative is a citywide and beyond effort by churches to bless the city in the name of Jesus. The city of Compton is best known for it’s violence. The churches involved would like to change all that. Over 1500 people showed up from 30 churches to paint an elementary school and homes of senior citizens. I brought 17 men and 1 woman from the rescue mission to serve.

It began with a rally at Compton City Hall with the Mayor and Police representative there to pray and encourage the collaborative effort. It was super well organized and we knocked all the work out by noon.

Our people from the mission had helped to put a fresh coat of paint on the school but they also left personally refreshed. They experienced that giving and serving is ultimately the healthiest way to be refreshed in one’s soul… and the city of Compton, it’s people, police, local government, and the churches worked together to live out the gospel in real time.

If you’d like to get involved with the Compton Initiative you can sign up to join us as Deed and Truth will be taking a group. It occurs four times a year and the next serve day is Saturday, October 22.

– Pastor Dan

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