• Pastor Dan Anderson


Who are the homeless? We all have preconceived opinions and we can make judgments based on those presuppositions. However, when you hear back-stories like this one it may change your opinion and expand your heart.

Tina is 67. She has been at the Union Rescue Mission sleeping on a cot for a month. This is an entirely new experience for her. It wasn’t long ago that Tina was a regular donor to the mission… now she’s a guest needing its services.

A while back, Tina began to have some medical issues and needed to retire. The money that had been saved up eventually evaporated. She has no children, no siblings, and her parents are deceased. She had nowhere to turn but to the organization that she used to support financially.

Through it all Tina has kept her faith in God and a positive disposition. She believes this is just a stop along her journey. One of her goals is to come back to the mission as a volunteer once she gets housing. She has special insight and a bigger heart for the hurting thanks to her experience as a guest herself.

Please pray for Tina as she seeks housing, healing for her back pain, and a computer to start a business that she has in mind that would utilize her sales experience. Pray most of all for connectedness. Tina attends church and would like to make some good friends.

– Pastor Dan

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