• Pastor Dan Anderson

Contentment Has Nothing To Do With Stuff

Paul writes in Philippians that he learned to be content whether he had little or much. What’s the secret?

These two sisters experiencing homelessness can answer that question. They can teach us all a thing or two about joy and contentment.

Meet Stephanie and Michelle. They are sisters who have lived together their entire lives. Now they are living in the rescue unit of the mission on skid row. Everything they have accumulated in life fits in a trash bag. Michelle has a giant tumor that is inoperable. Stephanie is committed to being her caregiver.

Although they possess very little stuff they have a stockpile of joy. They have learned the secret of contentment. They are survivors and they know there are few things needed in life. They appreciate the basic things that sustain life… breathing, a roof over their heads, three basic meals, but most of all love. They love each other and are grateful for anyone and everyone who demonstrates love to them.

Stephanie and Michelle are the richest poor people you may ever meet. And to meet them is to love them.

Please pray for their housing and health concerns. And if you’d like to meet two people who exude gratitude and joy… come visit them on the first floor of the Union Rescue Mission on skid row. They will win your heart and teach you a thing or two about the secret to contentment.

– Pastor Dan

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