• Pastor Dan Anderson

Giving Back

From birth to eight years old, Phillip was passed around from one Foster home to another. At eight he was a run-away living on the streets of the projects in Los Angeles. He has spent 28 years behind prison bars as an adult. The combination of trauma and never attending school, Phillip has learning disabilities. However, as a resident at the mission he has set a personal record of being clean and sober for five years.

During this time Phil has been growing in his educational and behavioral development. He attends every bible study offered. He has an enthusiastic mental attitude. The one area he was stalling in was… giving back. He was used to being needy and concerned about his next meal and housing. Now that we are providing that he has been able to save his money. He is a disciplined saver. This week he reached a new goal.

In our one on one meeting I challenged Phillip to start giving back. He said he’d like to start with me by taking me to the Dodgers game and covering the cost. I upped the ante. I suggested he sponsor this month’s Alumni Band of Brothers event by taking all the guys to the game. He got excited. Phillip and Deed and Truth co-sponsored the Band of Brothers Dodgers game.

It cost him a pretty penny… actually quiet of few of them… but he has become a giver… and even better than that… He is a Joyful Giver, no it’s better than that… Phil is a Hilarious Giver!

Please pray for all of our program guys and grads to continue to value and grow in their journey by learning the joy that Phil has found in GIVING BACK!

– Pastor Dan

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