• Pastor Dan Anderson


Deed and Truth’s private showing of the movie, “The Same Kind of Different As Me”, was a unique experience to be stirred and inspired by the moving story of Ron Hall and Denver Moore. We rented the largest of Regal’s 20 theatres in Aliso Viejo and every seat ticket was sold. As we stood in amazement thanking the Lord for a FULL HOUSE, we snapped this picture!

405 partners, patrons, family, and friends of Deed and Truth, and friends of friends, showed up to watch this movie about a wealthy couple living in Fort Worth, TX, who decided to volunteer at the local gospel rescue mission and the man experiencing homelessness whom they encountered.

Their journey highlighted the things we talked about prior to the movie and the personal stories we heard from Robert and Phillip both graduates from the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles.

Loving relationships transform lives through the power of Jesus Christ. That is true for the homeless as well as the wealthy and everyone in between. There is something very important about befriending people and spending time with those who are very different from us. It expands our view of those who have suffered great loss, pain and brokenness and the healing process through Christ. It enlarges our hearts of compassion for one another. It magnifies our faith, and is a “twofer” as we allow God to use us to learn from others who have very different backgrounds and may not look at all like us.

We are grateful for everyone who attended. Our prayer is that those who saw the movie will be moved from inspiration to involvement in Deed and Truth or other ministries that express the compassion of Jesus to those who need it most.

– Pastor Dan

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