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For most people, holidays are a fun time to get together with friends and family... but for many guys at Union Rescue Mission holidays can be pretty lonely.

This Christmas, Deed & Truth is not just SAYING “Merry Christmas” we are DOING something tangible about this because “sometimes words aren’t enough”…

We encourage all the men who graduate from the life-transformation program to get involved in some kind of community when they leave. But we recognize that some men, for various reasons, may never be able to thrive outside the safety they find here. So we started a group we call “The Ambassadors” — 25 senior men, between the ages of 55 and 75, who will enjoy the friendship, love, community, and family relationships they need for the rest of their lives at the Union Rescue Mission.

The URM provides a way home to thousands of hurting, disconnected people, but for these men… it is Home!

We call them “Ambassadors” because they represent the Lord and Union Rescue Mission. They share their stories - at churches, clubs, and schools around Los Angeles — about God’s grace and the healing they’ve found here. They volunteer at various jobs around the Mission and they pay a small rent to stay here, because they deserve that dignity.

But really it’s all about family. So we work hard to create love and connections for these Ambassadors inside and outside the Mission. In other words, we do what families do.

For a few, they have families that are far away and they haven’t seen them for many years. It’s been 24 years since Mike has seen any of his family.

This holiday season Deed and Truth is sending four of these men home for Christmas. We are providing their plane tickets and arranging for them to do Christmas with their families.

We are asking God to provide “air miles” to send these men home.

We are in need of round-trips from Los Angeles to: Atlanta,GA / Charlotte, NC / New Orleans, LA / Chicago, IL

If you’d like to donate air miles or help financially send an email to:

Be sure to watch the two short 50 second videos to meet Paul and Darrell who are super excited about the possibility of going home for Christmas with their families.

– Pastor Dan

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