• Pastor Dan Anderson

Appreciation Day

People who serve in homelessness ministry work in a high stress environment. They serve people with significant levels of dysfunctional behavior and experience their share of disappointment along with all the victories God provides.

This week Deed and Truth sponsored a Staff Appreciation Day for the entire staff at Hope Gardens, our women and children’s facility in Sylmar, to say “thank you” this Thanksgiving holiday.

We set up a mystery afternoon for the 19 program staff members who work with the women and children at Hope Gardens. It began with a trip to the bowling alley and the best pizza in Los Angeles, followed by a ton of laughs at the Karaoke room, and then each one received a crisp $50 bill to go shopping at the Citadel Outlets.

It was a great day to build the team and express how much they are appreciated. Each one had such a fantastic time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

They expressed their personal gratitude to our donors at Deed & Truth for the thoughtfulness of thinking of them at this thanksgiving time.

Sometimes, when working with the marginalized, people don’t notice the sacrificial service to the Lord but today they felt special… they felt valued… they felt loved. You did that when you supported this ministry.

This Thanksgiving holiday Betty and I also want to say “thank you” to each one of you who read our blogs, lift up prayers, physically volunteer, or give financially which enables us to express the compassion of Jesus to those who need it most… through Deed and Truth, because sometimes words aren’t enough.

– Pastor Dan

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